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Welcome to 3-2-1 Tuesdays with Better Wellness Naturally- Mental Health Matters II

Thank you for joining us for 3-2-1 Tuesdays!

Quick bits of therapeutic info and learning, ideas, concepts, and quotes.

Brought to you by Better Wellness Naturally

3: Keys

2: Concepts

1: Quick Article

"Your mental health is the foundation upon which your entire life is built. Nurture it with kindness, and your world will flourish." - Karen Salmansohn

And Some Additional Reasons Why Prioritizing Your Mental Health is So Very Important…
  1. Integrative Healing: Embracing mental health as an integral part of your well-being fosters a sense of wholeness.  This is ‘Four Corner’ Work:  The Intellect, the Spirit, the Physical Body and the Emotions.

  2. Creative Resilience: Nurturing your mental health unlocks your creative potential, allowing you to harness art, expression, and experiential techniques as powerful tools for resilience and self-expression. Something that is incredibly necessary right now.

  3. Global Transformation: Prioritizing mental health isn't just a personal journey; it's a global movement towards a more compassionate and empathetic world—and it does begin with YOU! By fostering mental wellness, you become a catalyst for positive societal change.

A Couple of Concepts:

Some very important core ‘priorities’ in our work together…

  1. Multifaceted Impact: Mental illness is not limited to the individual; it ripples through the fabric of one's life. It affects not only the person's thoughts and emotions but also their relationships, work, and overall quality of life. Understanding this multifaceted impact is essential for holistic treatment and support.

  2. Stigma and Advocacy: Despite progress, there still exists a stigma around mental illness. Advocacy and awareness are crucial in breaking down these barriers and fostering a more compassionate society. By shedding light on the reality of mental health struggles, we can promote understanding and empathy.

The Gut Brain Connection (Serotonin, pt 2)

The Gut-Brain Connection and Mental Health:

Research has revealed that the gut and brain are intricately connected through a bidirectional communication system known as the gut-brain axis. Serotonin, briefly discussed in an earlier 3-2-1, is often associated with mood regulation, and is a key player in this connection.

Quick fun fact: The majority of serotonin, approximately 90%, is produced in the gut, and it plays a crucial role not only in regulating gastrointestinal functions but also in influencing emotional states.

Research Findings:

Studies have shown that imbalances in the gut microbiome can lead to disruptions in serotonin production, potentially contributing to mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. Furthermore, the gut microbiome can affect the absorption and availability of tryptophan, the precursor to serotonin. This underscores the importance of a balanced diet and gut health in maintaining mental well-being (gives new importance to being mindful of what we ingest, doesn’t it?)

Implications and Future Directions:

Understanding the gut-brain connection has significant implications for mental health treatment and prevention. It opens up avenues for potential interventions through dietary modifications, probiotics, and other gut-focused therapies. Researchers continue to investigate how improving gut health can positively impact mood and emotional resilience.


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