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Welcome to 3-2-1 Tuesdays with Better Wellness Naturally- Is Prioritizing Myself Considered Selfish or Necessary?

Thank you for joining us for 3-2-1 Tuesdays!

Quick bits of therapeutic info and learning, ideas, concepts, and quotes.

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3: Keys

2: Concepts

1: Quick Article

"Taking care of yourself doesn't mean me first; it means me too." - L.R. Knost

Navigating Self-Prioritization…
  1. Selfish Stigma: Addressing the stigma around self-prioritization is key. Let’s challenge the notion that putting ourselves first is inherently selfish. In reality, it as a fundamental aspect of maintaining a healthy and balanced life—and maintaining healthy boundaries with others.

  2. Personal Well-Being: Prioritizing yourself is a cornerstone of personal well-being. It involves acknowledging your needs, embracing self-care, and fostering a positive relationship with yourself. By doing so, you build resilience and enhance your ability to navigate life's challenges.

  3. Balancing Act: Finding the right balance between meeting personal needs and fulfilling responsibilities to others is crucial. It's not an all-or-nothing scenario; self-prioritization can coexist harmoniously with caring for those around you. Think assistance to other versus that of enabling someone else.

A Couple of Concepts
  1. Intentional Selfishness: Embracing intentional selfishness involves reframing the term "selfish" to "intentional self-care." It's about making conscious decisions that contribute positively to one's well-being without negatively affecting others. By adopting intentional self-care, we can cultivate a positive mindset around self-prioritization, emphasizing the importance of self-care and fostering personal growth with purposeful choices.

  2. Empowering Others: Prioritizing personal well-being has a positive ripple effect on those around us, creating a powerful dynamic of personal agency and self-empowerment. Please remember, once again, that this is about creating a supportive environment that encourages everyone to recognize, prioritize, and take personal responsibility for their own needs without negatively impacting others. As this mindset spreads in our own constellations, it fosters a community that values and respects each person's journey toward growth and self-improvement.

Unveiling the Science of Self-Prioritization

There is a distinct difference between being selfish in the sense that you are taking advantage of others, and self-prioritizing in an essential way. While there is an ongoing debate of whether prioritizing oneself is deemed selfish or essential, a deeper dive into the scientific underpinnings reveals a rich tapestry of evidence supporting the significance of healthy self-prioritization as a “must.”

Psychological research consistently demonstrates that individuals who engage in self-care practices exhibit heightened emotional resilience, reduced stress levels, and increased life satisfaction. Yes, they are indeed happier! Neuroscientific investigations into the brain's reward system illuminate the intricate relationship between personal fulfillment and mental well-being as well. Activities that align with one's passions and goals not only trigger the release of neurotransmitters associated with pleasure but also contribute to enhanced cognitive function.

The positive effects of self-care on interpersonal relationships are evident, as individuals who prioritize their well-being often exhibit greater empathy, patience, and capacity for meaningful connections. And, in practice, there is less resentment towards others for “taking advantage” of them.

Studies on the impact of self-prioritization extend beyond individual well-being to encompass broader societal benefits. A thriving, mentally resilient populace is better equipped to contribute positively to their communities, fostering a collective environment of support and understanding.

Think about your own family and friend group for a moment. How’s the reciprocity? Are the boundaries healthy?

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