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Welcome to 3-2-1 Tuesdays with Better Wellness Naturally

Thank you for joining us for 3-2-1 Tuesdays! Quick bits of therapeutic info and learning, ideas, concepts, and quotes. Brought to you by Better Wellness Naturally.

3: Keys 2: Concepts 1: Quick Article

*A goal properly set is halfway reached - Ziglar*

Why Having #Goals is So Important (Goal Setting Theory): 1. Motivation and direction in life: Goals provide motivation and direction in life. They give people a sense of purpose, something to strive for, and a reason to wake up every morning. Goals help people prioritize their efforts and time, thereby enhancing their productivity and achievements. According to research, setting goals increases motivation, and the more specific the goal, the more likely people are to achieve it. 2. Focus and clarity: Goals provide people with focus and clarity in their decisions and actions. Without goals, people may get caught up in distractions or unsure of what they want to achieve. On the other hand, having a clear and specific goal helps people make better decisions on what they need to do and what they don't. Studies show that having clear and specific goals improves decision-making skills and reduces cognitive overload. 3. Continuous improvement and growth: Goals promote continuous improvement and growth, both personally and professionally. By setting achievable goals and working towards them, people can learn new skills, improve their knowledge, and gain experience. Even if they miss the goal, the process of pursuing it will help them develop their abilities and strategies for making the right choices in the future. According to research, setting challenging but achievable goals promotes growth and development.

A Couple of Concepts:

*Love your amygdala: The amygdala is a small almond-shaped structure located in the temporal lobe of the brain. Its basic function is to process emotions, particularly fear, and aggression. It plays a key role in the body's fight or flight response, as it alerts the body to potential dangers and activates the sympathetic nervous system. The amygdala also helps to store and retrieve emotional memories, making it important for emotional learning and social interactions. *Are things distorted? Cognitive distortion is a type of thinking pattern in which an individual tends to interpret reality in a way that is inaccurate, negative, or biased. It can involve errors in perception, memory, or reasoning, and may involve beliefs that are unrealistic, exaggerated, or overly rigid. Common examples of cognitive distortion include black-and-white or all-or-nothing thinking, catastrophizing, overgeneralizing, personalizing, and discounting the positive.

Neural Plasticity and a New You

Neural plasticity, also known as neuroplasticity, is the ability of the brain to reorganize itself by creating new neural connections or modifying existing ones in response to changes in the environment or experiences, such as learning or injury. This process involves the alteration of the strength and number of synapses between neurons, as well as changes in the structure and function of individual neurons. Neural plasticity is important for a number of reasons— here are just a few: First, it allows us to adapt to new situations and learn new information. Yes— we really can change! Second, it enables the brain to recover from injury, such as stroke or traumatic brain injury, by reorganizing undamaged areas to take over the functions of damaged ones. Third, it may play a role in the development of certain mental disorders, such as depression and addiction, as well as in the effects of psychoactive substances. (So, yes, change what you are doing and you can change who you are!)

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