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We are pleased to announce that our Empowered Transitions Retreats are back!

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"I am THRILLED that Laura is offering Retreats again! The Empowered Transitions Program is a LIFE CHANGING program" ` DB

Costa Rica!

January 30-February 4, 2024

Perhaps you’re feeling incredibly 'stuck' or have experienced a major life transition and need expert support and a safe, supportive space to be nurtured and to heal away from the chaos of your everyday life.

We can help.  And that's what we'll provide.

The Culture of our Retreats is that of Inclusion in an accessible-for-all, supportive, caring, and tranquil environment led by trauma recovery therapist Laura Weber Garrison, Ph.D., and other highly-experienced, specifically-trained instructors.

About the Site:
We'll offer a safe, therapeutic haven of restorative wellness for people of all shapes, sizes, skill levels, and ages at an exquisite, tranquil, 5-star all-inclusive, luxury-class Costa Rica location.  As in the jungle overlooking the ocean for the week... three full meals and snacks of gourmet plant-based cuisine crafted from fresh, locally sourced, wholesome ingredients every day (yes, you can request additional food anytime. )

Offsite experiences, such as excursions and immersions, are also included at our Retreats. And there is even an onsite wellness spa where you can book appointments outside of your Retreat experience.

About the Empowered Transitions Retreat Program:
Over the course of an immersive six days, we'll provide our clients with tools and resources, a serene and safe environment, and a supportive welcoming community facilitated by experienced instructors and an amazing and available staff who truly care about your comfort and well-being. 

Education, meditation, mindfulness, somatic experiencing, stress management, support and educational groups within the Retreat, break-out workshops, and specialized trainings (such as trauma and grief recovery) are all very integral parts of our Retreat framework.    

What You'll Learn:
Just as with all of our programs at Better Wellness Naturally, our clientele is taught how to recalibrate and self-regulate. 

This begins with awareness and a basic understanding of the nervous system. Once the nervous system is allowed to return to a healthier state, the body can rest more efficiently, heal more quickly, and better tolerate stress, both distress, and the necessary or eustress.  

Emotional resilience, mobility, physical strength, and overall flexibility will be emphasized through our ‘Four Quadrant’-- that of Mind-Body-Emotion-Intellect--approach.  

Classes, programs, groups, and workshops will all be led by facilitators and instructors who have extensive training in advanced modalities. The work is experiential: Part personal work, part group work, part therapy, and part integration.  The yoga that will be included in conjunction with the Program is gentle, floor-based, and incredibly restorative.

We'll teach you how to intentionally shift from the fight-or-flight responses of the sympathetic nervous system to a calmer, more peaceful, and more productive way of living and being.

Anxiety and panic attacks subside, and the body rebalances. You heal.

And most importantly, you will leave with tools to help you thrive-- and exponentially improve --on every level.  

What's Included:
*6 days and 5 nights at a tropical eco-luxury, all-inclusive retreat center in Costa Rica
*Private transportation from the International airport to the Retreat center
*A completely private campus--just our Group!
*Access to a private waterfall, nature paths, incredible flora and fauna, and an ocean-view infinity pool. 
*A dedicated team of professionals to assure your stay is first-rate
*3 gourmet plant-based meals + snacks + coffee + drinks daily
*Workshops, immersive experiences, educational sessions, mindfulness training, and restorative yoga daily (+30 Units CEU for Yoga Pros!)

*Pre-Retreat Homework and Clarity Session
*Post-Retreat Group follow-up session via Zoom
*Binders, handouts, a swag bag and so much more!

Airfare from your hometown and wellness spa bookings are not included.

Retreat Rates:  $3,997-$6,997 depending on occupancy and the room you choose.  Payment Plans and Early signing discounts are available.  


"Just when you think you've mastered therapy..then there's Laura. Incredible therapist, one of kind program. Words don't do it justice."~CW

"Laura will hold your hand and challenge you way beyond your comfort level. You will heal and grow in ways you never thought possible.  She's been to the brink herself.  she can relate. This program may just save your life. It did mine." JB


"..Dr. Garrison is an amazing, compassionate Unicorn of a facilitator. I love her and I love the program."~ JS

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"I am THRILLED that Laura is offering Retreats again! The Empowered Transitions Program is a LIFE CHANGING program" ` DB

Read more about Yoga as a therapeutic model at our blog -- just click the link below to be taken there.

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