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Heart Centered Hypnotherapy

Yes, you really can reclaim your personal power and make positive, lasting changes with holistic Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy®


Are you ready to go deeply within your subconscious mind for real and lasting personal transformation?

Have you ever had a reflexive behavior, pattern or belief keep showing up and thought, “What’s going on…why do I automatically keep doing this?” or “Why do I keep thinking these thoughts?” or “Why do I keep doing this same thing again and again and ending up in the same place over and over all of the time?”

Or perhaps you find that certain things in life mysteriously upset or distress you…and you are at a loss to either correct or even understand the behavior?

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy can allow you to find and heal the roots of those unhealthy patterns and beliefs in order to make lasting changes for the peaceful, loving life we ALL deserve to live.

What It Is:  Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy® is an experiential process that utilizes a powerful combination of traditional hypnosis and behavioral and developmental psychology.  This wonderful and very effective therapy is used in conjunction with NLP techniques, gestalt techniques, and energy work.

Why It Works:  Did you know that we base our daily decisions and actions within our conscious mind and that the conscious mind only accounts for 10% of our brains?  Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy allows us to access the other 90% of our brain to look at the patterns and beliefs we’ve created throughout life that are not serving us in a healthy manner. When the subconscious mind– that other 90%– is accessed, we can bypass our normal tendencies of judging everything we think, hear and see.  This conscious judgment is often what prevents us from making lasting progress in healing the thoughts, reflexive reactions, and buried experiences we truly need to heal in our lives.

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy allows us to relax our conscious minds in order to truly effectuate positive changes and heal the issues that continually cause difficulties in our lives.

Through Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy® you will identify the source or origin of emotional and physical challenges, as well as the subconscious blocks that are holding you back from the full realization of your unique gifts, talents, and strengths.

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy® facilitates profound healing by enabling you to access your subconscious mind. This access facilitates a deeper ability for you to release stuck emotions, traumatic memories, physical disease, habitual patterns, and addictions.  It is safe, far more effective than talk therapy alone.

How It Works: In hypnotherapy, clients are not asleep. Clients are instead guided by the therapist into a deep meditative state.  The client is aware of their surroundings and of everything that may be going on around them. In this state, however, the person is much less distracted or guarded. Unresolved issues are thus allowed to surface, to be processed, and to be resolved. The 'internal editor' we all have is bypassed. 

This type of therapy quickly allows for a conscious connection to be made to various subconscious patterns in a person’s life.  With this awareness, it becomes much easier to heal self-sabotaging patterns.  Issues are addressed at the 'root'.


Why Do I Always Do What I Do?:  Most of us are already aware that we run on autopilot most of the time--we drive to work and don't remember the drive, we zone out and 'mindlessly' go about our day. And...some of us consume far more alcohol or food than we realize, get angry for no apparent reason or struggle with free-floating anxiety in ways that elude us.  We automatically fall into old habits or patterns that we find that we cannot think our way out of.


And many of us involuntarily react: we shudder when a door slams too hard or break into tears when someone raises their voice. Or panic in the middle of a presentation.


We simply don’t remember everything with our conscious mind (which is only about 10% of our mind.)  This is especially pivotal with regard to our past or traumas from our childhood. Every experience a person has, however, is recorded and cataloged in the subconscious mind and somatically, in the body. Every experience! And how we responded to something through the awareness of our childhood, or in the midst of a trauma, may have a much bigger impact on us than we realize as adults.

These memories are filed away and are often responsible for controlling much of our present behavior. We may have repressed memories and wounds stored in the subconscious mind that we aren’t even aware of that are manifesting as daily life struggles such as anxiety, self-defeating beliefs, and destructive behaviors.

Heal and Thrive: Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy® provides a wonderful, positive pathway of understanding and healing of the source of dysfunctional or distressing emotions or patterns you may be experiencing.  More importantly, this modality of therapy offers a way to discover the full range of healthier choices available to you so that you can heal and thrive in a way that supports you, nurtures you, and serves your greatest well-being.

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy® opens the awareness to your unrealized potential and expansion into optimal functioning. 

We utilize this type of hypnotherapy at La Alza Health and Wellness to support and enhance our therapeutic programs.

Some of the Benefits of Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy:
  • More progress in only ONE 90-minute session versus months of traditional talk therapy

  • Allows safe access to deep-seated beliefs and behaviors that are stored in the subconscious 

  • Clients are completely aware of their surroundings and do not lose control or consciousness

  • Surfaces repressed memories that are stored in the subconscious allowing them to be processed safely and effectively

  • Gets to the root cause of destructive subconscious beliefs and behaviors (that clients may not even be aware of)

  • Allows connections to subconscious thoughts, helping break underlying self-defeating beliefs and patterns

  • Provides emotional release to help process old trauma(s) for permanent relief

  • Releases blocked energy and emotions (anger, guilt, shame, blame, sadness, fear) in a safe way

Some of the Reasons Our Clients Seek Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy Services
  • Addictions (including alcohol and drugs)

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Grief, Loss, and related issues

  • Pain Management

  • Panic Attacks

  • Phobias

  • Physical Ailments

  • Relationship Issues

  • Self Esteem Issues

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Trauma 

  • Weight Challenges


Many of our programs at  Better Wellness Naturally and La Alza Heath and Wellness utilize advanced coaching and counseling techniques which include Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy.  We are trained as Advanced Clinical Therapists and maintain advanced certifications in holistic healing and health.  Dr. Laura Garrison is also a Trauma Recovery Specialist.

Ready for a transformation?  We're here to help.

The first step is to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. 

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